Catayitic Iron Filters (CIFs)

Carbon based odour filter systemApplication

  • Typically used as a roughing pre-filter.
  • JA CIF units will reduce H2S contamination by up to 80%. By reducing incoming H2S, media life of final scrubbing processes can be extended considerably causing a significant reduction in whole lifetime running costs.
  • Airflow rates from 50 to 10,000m3/hr.
  • Up to 50% removal of mercaptans.


  • Hydrated rusty iron pall rings with high surface area.
  • Media life of between 5 to 10 years.
  • Capable of treating variable H2S concentrations (typically 0-100ppm)
  • Intermediate bed support to reduce crush loading
  • High contact time, greater than 12 seconds.
  • Slender aspect ratio to prevent channeling.
  • Non toxic waste products of sulphur and water
  • Incoming air conditioned to optimum 80%+ humidity.
  • Operating temperature typically between 5 and 35oC.


A number of CIF units have been successfully installed in the water industry as pre-filters extending the operational life of the second stage carbon based dry scrubber units. The catalytic iron filters require a small footprint area and are suitable for installation outdoors, being manufactured from corrosion free HDPE. The introduction of the CIF units as a pre-filter do not introduce a significant increase in operational pressure of a system and therefore use small energy efficient motors on the fan units reducing operational costs. The media life is application dependent but a typical media life of between 5-10 years can be expected.

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