Clean Rooms & Working Environments

Project 77 (Environmental) Ltd are able to provide a complete design and install package from the initial technical advice and design concept stage through to final independent room certification approval. The company designs each room or each area to suit our client’s specific needs incorporating any special production or process requirements taking responsibility for all aspects of the project from room construction, temperature humidity control, air quality, lighting, glazing, flooring, electrical controls and site wiring.

Class 10,000 clean roomNitrogen, compressed air and electrical services in clean room

The range of clean rooms and clean environments available meet the ISO standards together with United States Federal Standard 209E.

Class 100 clean room Class 1,000 clean room

Clean rooms and clean areas have been installed to serve both industrial and commercial installations in such areas as microprocessor manufacture, plastic film printing, laminating, high precision aerospace equipment and pharmaceuticals.

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