Composting and Recycling

Green waste composting systems

The ongoing requirement to reduce both the quantity and quality of waste being disposed of to landfill has resulted in recycling companies adopting accelerated composting systems.

‘In-tunnel’ composting schemeProcess air systems (12x) serving composting scheme

Project 77 (Environmental) Ltd have a proven track record of providing total turnkey projects which involve the design, installation and commissioning of process air systems together with associated odour abatement, leachate monitoring and sophisticated control systems incorporating data loggers monitoring the composting process, air volumes, temperatures, oxygen levels and humidity’s together with sterilisation technical details, all required by the UK’s industry monitoring standards.

Process air GRP ductwork serving 6 tunnelsExperience gained in similar industries has been adapted using non-corrosive plastic based materials for ductwork, fans and odour filters together with process monitoring, instrumentation and both voltage and high voltage electrical installations.


The increased requirement to recycle has resulted in sorting and processing operations being completed within designated enclosed buildings to reduce the impact on the local environment and residents. These buildings require ventilation systems to provide a contained environment preventing leakage of odours, dust and other materials to atmosphere whilst providing a safe working environment for the operatives and equipment within the buildings.

Ventilation systems have been installed with acoustic attenuation inlets to prevent the breakout of noise and provide a slight negative inflow of air into the building containing any potential fugitive leakage of odours or dust, the fan assisted extraction system discharging air to atmosphere after filtration either using dust filtration systems or odour abatement systems. A wide range of contaminates can be dealt with ranging from hydrogen sulphide to mercaptans, Amiens, VOCs together with more complex compounds created by the specific process taking place.

Containerised dry carbon odour filter system

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