Fume / Dust Extraction & Filtration

Dust Extraction & Filtration

Expertise gained and developed within the company for gas and fume scrubbing over many years involving heavy and light industries ranging from heavy foundry dust extraction through plating, pharmaceutical, water utilities and the electronics industry has enabled equipment to control hazardous fumes from chemicals using a wide range of technology. The company provides a total turnkey package incorporating design, manufacture and installation of extraction, filtration and control equipment together with interconnecting ductwork and pipework as required.

 ‘Reverse jet’ industrial dust filterIndustrial fully automatic dust filter

A range of traditional fabric filters operated on the reverse jet on mechanical shaking designs are available for less stringent applications together with high efficiency cartridge filtration and coalescing together with electro-static filtration for specific applications.

Fume Extraction & filtration

Standard proven designs of fume scrubbers are adapted to suit our customer’s exact requirements, the main industries being served water utilities, pharmaceutical, chemical, plating and degreasing together with other processes reducing aggressive/harmful fumes.

Expertise has been developed within Project 77 (Environmental) Ltd to provide efficient fume control at source to meet the requirements of the COSHH regulations together with emission abatement scrubbers to control the levels to meet the EPA regulations (Environmental Protection Act). A variety of fume scrubbing equipment is available utilising either irrigated pack tower or Venturi scrubber technology, dosing systems are manufactured from a wide range of materials to suit the particular application. Standard materials available are polypropylene, UPVC, stainless steels or treated mild steels.

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