Heat & Energy Recovery Systems

All industries are striving to reduce their carbon footprint as well as operational costs. The company can provide equipment either with high efficiency operation which allows tax to be reclaimed via the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, or directly via heat recovery from a number of waste heat discharge processes. A number of different technical solutions are available depending on the application, these being plate heat exchangers, run around coils, heat pipe and heat pump systems which have all been successfully installed.

Government Grants

For energy efficient installations the government offers a scheme to all companies who invest in energy efficient equipment and installations. The 'Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme' allows companies to offset the total cost of both the energy efficient equipment and the installation costs against the corporation tax due at the end of the financial year.

Applications for grants cannot be made retrospectively and are applicable only to energy efficient equipment listed on the governments Web site www.eca.gov.uk

Project 77 (Environmental) Ltd can provide both equipment and installations which meet the criteria of the grants.

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